I have had the opportunity to speak in international conferences fro time to time


2003 European tunnel seminar

          Aerosol measurement in Norwegian road tunnels


2004 Tunnel safety and ventilation, Graz

This was the first time, and my presentation was about measuring techniques in road traffic tunnels, and the title was:


Sensoric, measurement, detection and ventilation control


2006 Tunnel safety and ventilation, Graz

The second time in Graz, my presentation was about the adjustment of the ventilation I the Tromsų tunnels. This is a complex of tunnels, with 5 entrances, and three roundabouts inside the mountain.


Adjustment of the ventilation in a Complex tunnel System


2008 Tunnel safety and ventilation, Graz

Poster presentation of the merging of camera control to tunnel monitoring and control system



2008 15th International ITS conference

How to use cellular phones for indicating the number of people inside a tunnel during fire.


     2009 5 th International Conference TRAFFIC AND SAFETY IN

              ROAD TUNNELS,

              Hamburg: Tunnel monitoring and control: From philosophy to installation in nearly 300 tunnels .